Starry Incense Sticks are a brand new line for Starry Eyed Supplies!
These incense sticks are handcrafted and not mass produced, and are scented with the Witch blends that I personally feel are 'signature' to my energies and creations.
Whilst incense sticks are available worldwide, I wanted to bring that Starry uniqueness to the product; infusing them with essential oils and energy that bring the magick and power to these incense sticks.


★Goddess Hecate, liminal spaces, deep mysteries, initation and purification★

UNIQUE - All temples of Goddess Hecate include 5 sticks of the Goddess Hecate scent, and 5 sticks of the Oceanic temple.

★Scent - Earthy, deep, cleansing, Earth rich with a slight spice★


★Scent - Inspired by the Ocean, deeply cleansing, evocative, uplifting.★


10 Handmade, Hand scented Sticks per pack


As a primal Goddess, Hecate influenced many areas of worship, and much like my personal relationship with the Goddess Morrigan, it is impossible to encompass this evocative Goddess in just one energy.


"I invoke you, beloved Hekate of the Crossroads and the Three ways, Saffron-cloaked Goddess of the heavens, the underworld, and the sea." - Orphic Hymn


As a Goddess of the Liminal, Hecate can be found in the in between spaces, and the deeper meditation showed a visualisation of three roads leading to the Crossroads; this particular energy is for the Ocean path and the Temple that lies therein.

The Ocean Temple is deep, dark, within the folds of the Ocean, where the last of the mysteries hold true; it is the unknowable force within this world. The energy resounds within Hecate as Dark Goddess, mother of monsters such as the Scylla, the depths of the psyche and the soul, the font and source of all things; life, knowledge, magick, death, and rebirth.


The visual in meditation for the Oceanic Temple of Hecate is of a stone font on the ocean floor; a basin for all magick. A sunken temple of sand worn stone, of Seaweed and all the creatures of the Depths.
Flashes of light illuminate it within the darkness, it is mystery wrapped into history, kept in the hands of the Ocean.


All my own work recipe and design all rights reserved

Starry Incense Sticks - All Temples of Goddess Hecate