Starry Incense Sticks are a brand new line for Starry Eyed Supplies!
These incense sticks are handcrafted and not mass produced, and are scented with the Witch blends that I personally feel are 'signature' to my energies and creations.
Whilst incense sticks are available worldwide, I wanted to bring that Starry uniqueness to the product; infusing them with essential oils and energy that bring the magick and power to these incense sticks.


★Righteous anger, smashing through lies, reclaiming sovereignty and body autonomy after abuse★

★Scent - Deep, Evocative, Spicy, Dark★


10 Handmade, Hand scented Sticks per pack


Mother of Babylon - This potent, incredible energy was originally created as part of a set that sought to honour the Babylon; to pick apart the mythos which remains about Her, asking whether or not She was a Goddess that predated Christianity and was demonized by them, whether She was a human Queen who defied the patriarchy, or a parable designed to indoctrinate the notion of sexuality and feminine independence as shameful. The answer is perhaps all of things and more.


The energy behind the creation of "The Mother of Babylon" set however is undeniable; and the message became so important that I decided to make key items available to everyone, even though that was never the expectation.

The energy of the Mother of Babylon is an ancient primal fierceness to meet women in particular in their power and encourage them to survive and then thrive in their glory.
There is an energy which smashes through lies; lies that bind us, lies that hold us back from personal growth, lies that are used to control us. 
Then there is an undertone of righteous fury; necessary in a world which often teaches silence and compliance when one has been mistreated.

There is also a deep heart beat of reclaiming - to assist in the magick of reclaiming ones self, ones power, ones personal sovereignty, and ones sexual and sensual self.
The embracing of ones sexual side can be an ongoing struggle for those who have overcome difficult times in their path, and this energy assists in remembering that the naked body is sacred, Pleasure is holy, and your body belongs to noone but yourself.


All my own work recipe and design all rights reserved

Starry Incense Sticks - The Mother of Babylon