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These incense sticks are handcrafted and not mass produced, and are scented with the Witch blends that I personally feel are 'signature' to my energies and creations.Whilst incense sticks are available worldwide, I wanted to bring that Starry uniqueness to the product; infusing them with essential oils and energy that bring the magick and power to these incense sticks.


Each pack contains 10 sticks


★★★ Tombstone for Samhain ★★★


★This incense was created for an earth centric rebirth ritual for Samhain for a fellow witch, and evokes the sacred ground of graveyards, for grounding, Rebirth, Ancestor work, For aching hearts, grieving souls, those in need of deep earth grounding & rebirth. Lay the past to rest. It’s time. ★


★Scent -  is meant to evoke graveyards, deep earthy dirt, worn places rich with memory & age. The scent is a moss laden patchouli with weeping cypress trees & lashings of vertivert amongst others..★


Created by request, the Tombstone incense sticks are a gothic symphony in Earthy scents. 
The energy matrix conjures up a misty graveyard at Samhain, with the heady autumn leaves rotting down into the rich soil below, the ground slightly damp underfoot. 

This spell energy has been created to assist in rituals of personal rebirth at Samhain. Put the old version of you to rest and bury it deep within the ground. The energy breaks down and feeds your roots, so you might redraw mis-spent energy back to you and feel revitalised.


★ Moss in Witchcraft - Nicholas Culpeper stated in his book is that with Tree Mosses, the Moss takes on the nature of the tree itself, and is stated to be ruled by Saturn. It helps connect us deeply to nature, and can be used to help you reconnect to yourself and the planet. It is also used for luck and wealth magick


★ Patchouli  in Witchcraft - Patchouli is considered a staple herb in Witchcraft for sexual rites, as an aphrodiasic and for raising the life force, for love magick, as well as for Earthing and grounding work. This makes it an ideal Witches herb as the parallel between the orgasmic and the raising of life force for spell work is rich in symbolism.


★ Cypress in Witchcraft -  Cypress is transformative, and often used to support those dealing with cycles of Death and endings, it promotes inner strength and personal transformation


★ Vertivert in Witchcraft - Vertivert is a beautiful essential oil used for grounding work for those work heavily in the realm of Spirits and Psychic travel and help people keep in step with the realm of the Earth. It is also wonderful for manifestation and prosperity work.


How to use these beautiful incense sticks

★ Prior to ritual of Rebirthing the self, to set the intention of burying who you used to be
★ Set the tone for personal grounding through scent evocation
★ To honouring the Ancestors who walked this Earth before us
★ Use before spellwork and ritual to boost magical workings especially of finance and luck
★ Light prior to divination for questions about the future, especially when looking to plan and materialise change in your life


All my own work recipe and design all rights reserved ©
Burn time approx 40 mins

Handmade incense sticks with essential oils and fragrance oils

Starry Incense Sticks - Tombstone for Halloween | Samhain

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