Brand new to Starry Eyed Supplies by popular demand is the Starry Pillar!
Each beautiful pillar is 15cm high and will burn for hours. Perfect as a working candle for all your spellcraft that revolves around the individual energy matrix of the particular candle.

Pillars are made to order and may take a day or two to complete <3

 Honouring Celtic Goddess Macha - honours the Celtic Goddess Macha who some consider to be the 'Mother' or 'Warrioress' aspect of the Goddess Morrigan.

In particular Honouring Celtic Goddess Macha seeks to build an energetic matrix to honour the energies of Sovereignty present in the Great Queens temple, as Sovereignty is a key theme within Celtic lore which presents several stories which may or may not refer to the same Goddess.
Self empowerment and sovereignty are common goals of those following the path of Macha, to "Claim your own skin," - Stephanie Woodfield.

Whilst meditating with this energy matrix it came through strongly that The Temple of Celtic Goddess Macha was about breaking the bonds that hold us from being all that we can be, instead Macha urges us to embrace the risk, the leap and to break the cycles of conformity and sensibility and listen to our wilder selves.
The aesthetic of Honouring Celtic Goddess Macha once again mirrors the bloodied battlefield; an infusion of Earth and Blood that calls to our connection to the Land; we must seek to be bolder, stronger, and better.

"Drive the spear deep into your complacency, reclaim yourself. Scream, rant and rail against limitation; whether the chains be self imposed, inherited, or clasped on your wrists by enemies - resist. Fight back. Never surrender. Victory is in your very blood; claim it!" - Goddess Macha in meditation

Work with this candle to honour the Goddess Macha, for ritual and spells of victory, warriorship, self empowerment and personal sovereignty.

Burn with caution

All my own work recipe and design all rights reserved

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Starry Pillar - Honouring Celtic Goddess Macha


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