Brand new to Starry Eyed Supplies by popular demand is the Starry Pillar!
Each beautiful pillar is 15cm high and will burn for hours. Perfect as a working candle for all your spellcraft that revolves around the individual energy matrix of the particular candle.

Pillars are made to order and may take a day or two to complete <3

Starry Pillar - Honouring Goddess Isis - Aset has been created to honour the Goddess Isis and Aset, designed to honour all aspects of this incredible Egyptian Goddess.

This Spell Pillar honours Her as a Primal Female Goddess as Isis was believed to be connected to Tiamet from the ancient Sumerian, and has transcended time, culture, and myth; Goddess Isis / Aset embodies Chaos and Order, Poisoner and Healer, Warrior and Magician, Mother and Destroyer, Life and Death.

There is magick within for Commanding, Sovereignty, the jaws of Life and Death, pain and pleasure, the bitterness and sweetness of both, seeking joy and overcoming sadness, the essence of what it means to live and to die.
There is duality, stark contrast and yet balance to Goddess Isis energies reflected in the Oil, for the magick mirrors what it means to be alive and what it means to die, watched over by Mother Isis.

She teaches us to harm and heal, and see both signs of the coin of magick, and of life.

My own work, recipe and design all rights reserved.

For more information on these energies please check out the video!

Starry Pillar - Honouring Goddess Isis - Aset


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