Brand new to Starry Eyed Supplies by popular demand is the Starry Pillar!
Each beautiful pillar is 15cm high and will burn for hours. Perfect as a working candle for all your spellcraft that revolves around the individual energy matrix of the particular candle.

Pillars are made to order and may take a day or two to complete <3

Sorceress. The word swims with power, magick and unfortunately negative associations throughout mythology, a prime example being the Sorceresses within the Arthurian cycles from English folklore.

Within the Arthurian myth there is arguably Celtic origin, and I feel that the christianization of these myths has taken away from the power and beauty of these women, and I wanted to peel back the diminished ideas and represent these sorceresses in a positive fashion.

The Spell pillar candle invites you to look beyond the myths and the negative stereotypes of women in power and embrace your own magickal potential without being apologetic for who you are whilst keeping in mind your personal responsibilities.

Morgause is the seductress who gets particularly demonised for her sexuality and desire for personal power.

This particular energy reminds us to embrace our regality, personal sovereignty and sexual freedoms.
She reminds us not to be ashamed of our wild natures and use our intellect, sensuality and even our wiles when necessary, questioning the double standards of sensuality and lust magick within self.

"Magick is ecstasy." - Morgause


All my own work recipe and design all rights reserved

Pillars contain HERBS please burn responsibly!

For more information please check out the video!

Starry Pillar - Morgause Sorceress of Avalon


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