Brand new to Starry Eyed Supplies by popular demand is the Starry Pillar!
Each beautiful pillar is 15cm high and will burn for hours. Perfect as a working candle for all your spellcraft that revolves around the individual energy matrix of the particular candle.

Pillars are made to order and may take a day or two to complete <3

Starry Pillar - Nordic God Odin has been created to honour the Nordic All-Father; "He who Shapes."
In meditation with Odin it quickly became apparent that to encompass his entire personality in one spell energy is nigh on impossible; for being the "All" Father, his energies and roles are many, varied, and vast.
With the energies for this particular Pillar candle the energies of Magick and controlling ones destiny and the search for wisdom and knowledge are of paramount importance, as well as the energies of the World tree Yggdrasil, roots, ancestory and ecstacy.

There is a underlying element of mans consciousness and awareness of inner divinity being affected by Odin, for he brings knowledge, wisdom, ideas, he assists in understanding and affecting our personal wyrd - He "Shapes" those who come into contact with him. He bends thought and will and memory and magick to his benefit and encourages us to harness this ability within our own lives.

Odin is relentless in his quest for knowledge and understanding, and his best known mythos involve him hanging from a tree for nine days before attaining the understanding of the Runes as well as the sacrificing of his own eye for wisdom:

"...Odin of the Aesir
and he looked into my eye.
What do you seek from me, Odin?
Why do you seek me, Odin?
Odin I know
Where you hid your eye
In the shining waters
Of the well of Mimir..."  - Poetic Edda

Use this beautiful Pillar candle to honour and commune with the Nordic All Father, in rituals of Magick, Knowledge, Destiny, Wisdom and Divination.

Burn with care.
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For more information on the energy of this product (NOTE AESTHETIC HAS BEEN UPDATED SINCE) please check out the video!

Starry Pillar - Nordic God Odin the All Father