Brand new to Starry Eyed Supplies by popular demand is the Starry Pillar!
Each beautiful pillar is 15cm high and will burn for hours. Perfect as a working candle for all your spellcraft that revolves around the individual energy matrix of the particular candle.

Pillars are made to order and may take a day or two to complete <3

Starry Pillar - Wombs of Our Mothers was energetically designed around the premise of "Wombs of our Mothers" which is the connective thread to our Ancestors, our Mothers, our Mothers Mothers, our Grandmothers, our Grandmothers Mothers and so on, all of whom are connected to us through Wombs.

We are all birthed from a place of Womb, and to the Mother Earths Womb we shall return once we die.
Similarly if we are all energetic beings present in many lifetimes simultaneously, within past lives, present lives, and future lives, then we all have a connection to Feminine Womb energy thus (and as a result the Starry Pillar - Wombs of Our Mothers energy is not simply for Females or Mothers in this lifetime.)

The Spiritual significance of Wombs is immeasurable; we can return to places of Wombs for protection, for safety, to face our deepest fears, to connect to our Ancestors; be they energetic places of Womb or physical caves within the Earth; the deep magick is alive and well within the Womb space.
From these spaces we conjure Birth magick; the manifestation of beginngs, changes, adventures, leaving behind the echoes of the past in order to realise our truest selves.

Starry Pillar - Wombs of Our Mothers is about ancestral healing and healing through all Birth processes, as well as healing and feeling the support of our Ancestors at times of loss; particularly loss and trauma related to the Womb space. This energy can assist the deep healing required for those who have lost life within the womb, due to miscarriage, abortion, or loss of fertility, as well losses of Womb in a Spiritual sense; a loss of Innocence, the loss of the inner child, a loss of self.
Starry Pillar - Wombs of Our Mothers channels Demeter in her Dark Earth presence, as She mourned and manifested her loss, and the small part of Death She took within herself, as it also channels Persephone, who took a small part of Life within herself, in order that She could be reborn.

Starry Pillar - Wombs of Our Mothers builds an energetic matrix of the Deep, Dark, Earth; it is the Cave of Roots, where the livewire to our Ancestors can be felt. It creates an opening to the Underworld, a Sanctuary, a Womb.

Burn with care

All my own work recipe and design all rights reserved

For more information please check out the video!

Starry Pillar - Wombs of Our Ancestral Mothers - For Ancestral Healing


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