Decorate your sacred space with Starry Spell Orbs to add pure magick to your life! 
Beautiful as a altar centre piece, hanging in your window, or even your car. 
Your imagination is the limit!


★★★ Cerridwen - The Swynwraig ★★★


"Cerridwen as healer - mistress of herbs, potions, brews - she who sings with the land to heal the land and in so doing to heal ourselves.She who takes what she needs and gives twice as much back. A steadying hand when sickness strikes, a calm word in the midst of stress, the Witch with a salve for every burn and a tea for every chill..."


★Cerridwen, the Swynwraig, The Healer, Plant Spirits, energy of the Land, Working with spirits for healing, Grounding, Earth energy, connecting to Centredness, Calm, Purification of self - body, mind, and spirit★

Starry Spell Orb - Cerridwen ★ The Swynwraig