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Decorate your sacred space with Starry Spell Orbs to add pure magick to your life! 
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★★★ Morgause - The Queen ★★★


"The Dark Queen often exudes power and sensuality, in extremes her sexuality is weaponised and considered wild and even dangerous – in patriarchal retellings of fairy tales she is the threat – usually to an inexperienced and innocent female counterpart..." - Working with the Dark Queen


★Morgause the Queen, Personal power, Dark Queen Archetype,
Complete ownership of ones personal Sovereignty, Rediscovery of your Sexuality, Sensuality, Liberation from the shackles placed on you, defying expectation, Thriving mindset, Outsmarting those who would do you harm★


"In Thomas Mallory’s 1485 Le Morte d’Arthur’ Morgause is a full character and is the daughter of Gorlois of Tintagel, Duke of Cornwall, and the Lady Igraine.


She is known primarily as the sister of Morgan Le Fay and Elaine, but she also birthed several vital characters who went on to be important in the eventual downfall of King Arthur and Morgause herself.In her early years, after the death of her father and re-marrying of her mother to Uther Pendragon, Morgause was married off to one of Uther’s allies — the Orcadian King Lot, making her a queen.

With him she gave birth to four sons; Gawain, Agravain, Gaheris, and Gareth.

All four went on to be knights of King Arthurs round table, though their characters are portrayed in a very different light, not all of it positive.


After King Uther’s death, Morgause’s husband at the time, King Lot, attempted to join the rebellion against King Arthur. But Morgause, not knowing that King Arthur was her half-brother, had an affair with Arthur and they produced one son named Mordred." -mythbank


The Spell energy of Morgause invites you to look beyond the myths and the negative stereotypes of women in power and embrace your own magickal potential without being apologetic for who you are whilst keeping in mind your personal responsibilities.

Morgause is the seductress who gets particularly demonised for her sexuality and desire for personal power.


This reminds us to embrace our regality, personal sovereignty and sexual freedoms.
She reminds us not to be ashamed of our wild natures and use our intellect, sensuality and even our wiles when necessary, questioning the double standards of sensuality and lust magick within self.


"Magick is ecstasy." - Morgause



Working with the energy of Morgause is to confront any patriarchal notions that still linger within you, especially when it comes to powerful Women, or that part of yourself. Morgause is no fool - She gets labelled as 'scheming' in many stories when a male in her position would be thought of as a tactician. She confronts her myth with a smile as sharp as daggers; knowing the point is to be remembered, and claiming victory from that.

This form of magick is an confrontation - as all life can be at times. Sometimes reclaiming yourself is hard, seemingly impossible, but Morgause is a steady (and somewhat ferocious) presence. She is said to be the least magically skilled, and so turned her magick to her advantage, playing her strengths instead, and weaving her spells through them.

Perfect for divination and rituals of personal empowerment - Morgause teaches the indomitable spirit. To Victory!


All my own work recipe and design all rights reserved

Starry Spell Orb - Morgause ★ The Queen

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