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The Starry Temple Incenses are a brand new line here at Starryeyedsupplies, a beautiful loose herbal incense to help you create your own Temple within your sacred space.


Each Incense is centred around a different energy of Temple in order to help you build your own energy space.


Each scent is created around a particular energy web to promote harmonous energies whilst clearing the space within; based on ancient customs of using herbs and smoke to purify a space of negative vibrations and psychic debris, hand blended and imbued by this Celtic Witch to pack a magickal punch and smell absolutely divine doing it!


For use in burning rituals of cleansing, on a charcoal disc or within a cauldron, or by the beeswax method.Comes in a reusable 100ml screw top tin with Starry Fox sigil.


★Honouring the Goddess Kali, Rituals to burn away Stagnantion, Empowerment of the Whole, Death and Rebirth cycles, Honouring the Liberation of Sexuality, Unleashed Sexual Nature, The complete owning of ones inner power★

★Scent - Rich, deep heat, Spicy, Evocative, Powerful, Cardamom, Star Anise & Vanilla amongst other notes★


The Temple of Goddess Kali resonates around the energy of the Lady of the Scythe and honours the divine paradox that resonates throughout the embodiment and magick of Kali; She is a Dark Goddess of destruction and destroyer of demons but also a Goddess of Rebirth and a Creatrix, both a Warrior and a Lover. She is the eternal night and holds power over time.

The consort of Shivra, who will destroy the world, Kali is the love, energy and power that sustains him and with which he acts. She is a divine source of all things.


As a Goddess of Death she can help us bring death to the illusionary ties that bind us, our selfish views of reality which hinder us allowing our higher self and highest truth to shine through; for Kali knows the truth in the notion of bloody deeds for a better path.
She is destruction *for* creation; She will burn away all stagnation, decay, and rot from your life, leaving only fertile soil in its wake.


"Kali is also associated with intense sexuality. Myths tell of the Yoni (vagina) of Kali (when she existed as Sati - wife of Lord Shiva) falling down to the Earth on the sacred hill near Gauhati in Assam (India), the same place where the Temple of Kamakhya is now located. The temple's outer walls are highly decorated with carvings showing Kali as a Triple Goddess: squatting, and exposing her Yoni (vagina); as a mother suckling Her child; and as a warrior woman drawing back Her bow. While these carvings show Kali as a sexual being, they also show her as a protective and motherly woman, full of compassion." - Kali the Goddess: Gentle Mother, Fierce Warrior, Culture Library


The Starry Temple Incense create an energy matrix that elevates the vibration in order to access and honour the creation of a spiritual temple; and the temple of Kali is swathed in darkness, lit by flames, highlighted with an intoxicating aroma that brings Psychic visions and stirs the senses. Kalis temple is a completely unique experience, designed to unnerve the weak, embolden the courageous and speak directly to your soul. You will meet yourself in Kalis temple, in the darkness, and face your shadow self.


Use the Spell energy for - Burning away the stagnation in your life, Death Cycles, Empowerment, Warrior and Lover energies, Creating a whole new life, Honouring the Goddess Kali.


★ Cardamom in Witchcraft - a Lusty herb that reinvigorates the life force within a person; whether to attract another, spice up a bedroom situation, or used as an aphrodisiac for life.

★ Star Anise in Witchcraft - is a powerful protective and banishing spice. It can be used in spells of clairvoyance for clarity and prophetic visions, or to protect yourself and banish evil from your life.

★ Vanilla Bean in Witchcraft - Vanilla is sweet, sultry, comforting & seductive, a total enchantress in the realms of love and sex magick. The energy helps one feel comfortable in ones body too, assisting with self love work which is the focus here.


All my own work recipe and design all rights reserved


Remakes may vary

For more information on the Goddess Kali energy please watch the video!

Copyright in place. Theft will not be tolerated.


All my own work recipe and design all rights reserved

For use on a charcoal disc or via the beeswax method, in a well ventiliated area.

Do not leave burning unattended

Do not consume

Loose incense in 100ml tin
Blend of dried Herbs, Gums, Resins & Wood chips infused with essential oils, absolutes and fragrance oils. Contains Beeswax.

Starry Temple Incense - The Temple of Goddess Kali

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