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Brand new to Starry Eyed Supplies is the Starry Aura Spell Spritz - a non smoke alternative to the incenses available on store!
The Starry Aura Spritz Spell range has been blended with essential oils, purified English spring water and a dash of alcohol to purify and add shelf life to the product.
Blended to a high standard and tested on this witches' altar space, these gorgeously scented spritzes are imbued with magical energies and infused with conduited energy from sacred space to alter the vibrations around your aura, your sacred space, your home, your vehicle... whereever you want to spritz!


★ Morgana Le fay,Personal power, deepening of ones magick,Connection to the spiritual ecosystem, opening the doors of the Old ways and the mysteries,Assists in prophecy & divinational work of all kinds, Sensual spells & rituals of pleasure ★


★ Scent - Bewitching Orchid, with deep Amber, Smoked Honey & other scents


★★★ Morgana Le Fay - Sorceress of Avalon ★★★


""I am the night star
That blazes gloriously
Illuminating time-forgotten woods
Where Witches gather
In secrecy and shrouds..." - Morgana Le Fay, Songs of Shades Vol.2.



Morgana Le fay is the essence of a magical being; a Witch, a Sorceress, a Priestess... Magick is her great Love, her pursuit, her goals and her Birthright.

She was born to be a Sorceress, magick pumps through the blood in her veins, it excites her. Magick is THE focus as far as Morgana is concerned, in every representation of her in myth her fascination with the magickal arts is paramount, with training, natural talent for and lust for more magickal ability and knowledge and to understand the magickal realms.


Working within the energy matrix of the Temple of Morgana Le Fay represents the essence of Magick; limitless potential, limitless possibility and rediscovering a different way of seeing the world and being excited by the nature of Magick, being stimulated and aroused by the notion.


"Magick is our birthright." - Morgana Le Fay - Morgana Le Fay in Meditation


Working with the energy of Morgana Le Fay is akin to taking a step into the world of Fae, of night blooming flowers spicing the air, of mystery behind every rock and tree, of riddles told backwards so that you must earn their meaning.

This form of magick is an experience - it is meant to be enjoyed, to be lived, to be learned and honoured. It will awaken parts of yourself you were unsure even existed, connecting you to the deep well of magick within yourself, as well as how to embody your inner sensual being.

Perfect for divination and rituals of personal empowerment - Morgana comes to remind you who you are, and who you have the potential to grow into being.


Morgana le Fay will usher you into the mysterium of Avalon, and teach you much about the Old ways and the new.


★Orchid in Witchcraft - a flower of beauty, grace, and sensual power, Orchid is frequently used in spells of sexuality, desire, reclaiming ones power and 'Queenliness' , for finding personal ecstacy & expressing ones unique nature.

★ Amber in Witchcraft - Amber has long been prized for its sacred nature, it connects us deeply to the vibration of Earth; deep rooted into our bodies and honouring them as connection points for all experiences.


★ Honey is infused with the energy of eternity; that which is limitless and will endure. I adore it for working with Goddess & God energy. It is also used to for attraction and "sweetening" spells, to both attract what you desire, and to improve a situation

How to use this Witch Spray:

★ For rituals and spells to to help you connect and work with Morgana Le Fay
★ Prior to rituals of inner wildness and empowerment
★Spritz around your space to to help you with divination and boosting your spell work

★ Use to meditate to help with feeling sensual

All my own work recipe and design all rights reserved ©

Starry Witch Spritz Spray ★ Morgana Le Fay ★ Sorceress of Avalon

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