New to Starry Eyed Supplies is the highly anticipated Annointing Perfumed Spell Oil! Available in an Amber vial with metal rollerball dispersal, each annointing oil is created for magical use with essential oils and a base carrier oil. No ick, no synthetics, all natural and beautiful scented.

Not intended as a cosmetic perfume but should not irritate skin. Annoint your magical tools and jewellery with this gorgeous Spell oil!


★Choose your own starsign from the delicious new range of Zodiac anointing spell oil!★

As a Witch I adore energies which are tailored to Starsigns, however I find that often they get a little predictable - so I have created my own to mix things up!!!


★Capricorn; the scent of the deep dark Earth, listening to ancestors in caves

★Taurus - A warm evening in a Spanish Garden
★Virgo - Autumn evening in an orchard
★Aries - Warm Aztec inspired scent

★Leo - A flower in the desert

★Saggitarius - A deep relaxing warmth in the midst of winter

★Pisces - Mediterranean island by the shore

★Scorpio - The Sea Witch
★Cancer - The Deep Sea Mermaid
★Gemini - Sharp tongued flamingo dancer

★Libra - Scents of the Artisan

★Aquarius - Wistful moments, delicate blooms


All my own work recipe and design all rights reserved

Starry Zodiac sign - anointing Spell Oil