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★★★ Tangling Roots - Witchcraft Binding powder ★★★


★ Binding Spells, Tying together two separate entities, people, or consequences to peoples actions, Justice spells, Truth Spells, drawing on the energy of Geis from the Celtic tradition, Stopping someone from causing harm, adding a binding component to other kinds of spellwork to 'make it stick' ★



"Tangling Roots" Binding powder is an all purpose Binding powder also known as "the ties that bind" which is based on my own personal recipe from a Celtic Witchcraft perspective.

Binding spells often get a bad reputation within modern Witchcraft spheres, leading many to ignore this form of magick or to judge it without due consideration, which seems an unwise course of action as all magick has a place within a Witches spell kit, and Binding magick is very much about your intention and how you use it.

Binding magick is the act of tying two (or more) things together using via the notion of sympathetic magick. Contrary to popular belief it does not always have to tie the spellcaster directly to something (although it can be done on purpose) however the caster is always attached to the energy used to cast a binding spell which must be taken into consideration. Motivations are important when considering binding spells.

Binding spells can be used to tie one thing/entity/person to another person/situation/consequences, making Binding work very potent within Justice and Return to Sender spells to make sure that a wrong-doer cannot escape the consequences of their actions.

Some examples include:

★Tying a liar to the consequence of their lies - meaning they will be discovered, caught or ousted by others whom they lie to
★Tying a thief to being caught stealing
★Tying a fraud to the consequence of failing in the endeavour to which they are fraudulent


However it must be noted that in casting such Binding work the caster must be prepared to accept any consequences for their own actions in the situation as they are energetically linked to the creation of the binding spell which demands justified consequences for actions.


A particularly Celtic theme to this binding powder is its use in making someone honour their promises. In Celtic lore a persons word was their bond, and breaking a Geis had serious consequences and this binding powder reflects this Celtic belief, and can bind someone to their word.


Binding powder can be added to any kind of spell in order to make it "stick" or to "make it binding" and give the spell a long lasting result, a sense of permanence.


Finally, Binding powder can be used to bind or prevent another individual from doing something, which is considered by some a baneful use of the magick, and is up to the individual to decide whether a situation merits the situation. Bullies at work, gossips, slanderers, charming liars, passive aggressive manipulators and other such individuals in your life for whom you cannot find other methods to deal with may merit binding work.


All my own work, recipe and design all rights reserved

For more information, please check out the video!

Tangling Roots - Witchcraft Binding powder

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