★Samhain, Ancestor reveneration, wish fulfilment spells, inspiring creativity, prosperity, Spirit Work, Divination, beginning again at the Witches New year, Personal Rebirth★


I’ve created a monster... Halloween skull candle... He’s a bit of a beast, right?

Don’t worry he’s got a softer side... he’s made out of soy wax & smells like pumpkins.

Bad boy with a heart of gold...en pumpkin.

I might be losing my marbles today. Or perhaps it’s just showing more than normal...


★ Pumpkin is traditionally used for spells of wish magick, prosperity and fertility making it ideal for wishing on the Witches New Year.


This gorgeous candle is perfect for any Samhain altar as a connection to your ancestors, or for gothing up the place with pumpkin scent. Whatever you're into!


All my own work recipe and design all rights reserved

Temple of Skulls - Halloween Skull Candle