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★ Honouring the Death Crow aspect of The Morrigan: Badb. Fierceness within struggle, overcoming insurmountable odds, defiance in the face of the battlefield, making death your ally, protection from enemies, Protection from evil spirits especially when travelling through the Otherworld ★


"I am the War Crow
I am the Death Crow
I am Badb.
And you will fall before me."  -Joey Morris


★ Temple of the Death Crow Badb ★ Barrier Powder is created from five finely milled herbs sacred to The Morrigan with the spirit focus of protection and warfare. Added are real wildcrafted crow feather snippets and it is blessed on my personal altar for The Morrigan.


Barrier powder in glass potion vial with crow charm on sustainable hemp thread


Death Crow of the Goddess Badb conjures the temple of the Goddess Badb in her role as Phantom Queen; a misty battlefield that stands in the inbetween of all things - betwixt life and death, beginnings and endings, it is the essence of Rebirth. 


Death Crow embodies the protective energies of the Goddess Badb and one of her totem animals; the Hooded Crow. This aspect of the Goddess Morrigan sees all, knows past, present and future in order to forwarn you against trouble.

The Goddess Badb is said to have let out otherwordly shrieks that inspired fear and chaos in the battlefield.


In her aspect of Death she can put to Death any unwelcome and dishonourable energies that seek to violate your magickal perimeter. Goddess Badb also best guards against malevolent spirits who might seek to enter and cause you harm; be they spirits of the dead or conjured thoughtforms from other magickal practitioners.


The energy of the Death Crow are multi layered; as the energies draw firstly from the Goddess' Badbs role as a Death Goddess, whose scream is both said to prophesy and cause mortal death. In ritual and spiritual work, a death can be but is not always concerned with a physical death; it can be the end of one cycle of life and embracing the next.

When this is the case magick may need to be performed to create a "line in the sand" between what once was and what can be, in order to help the practitioner to move forward.
On occasion there are energetic hooks in our energy field that remain from difficult or traumatic events in the past, which need to be given a spiritual death.

Death crow creates a barrier of sorts, akin to stepping through an energetic veil, to step into a new life.

Additionally Death Crow pulls from the Morrigans' phantom and shapeshifting aspect - for the Crow at the death of Cu culainn was indicative of the Goddess 'guarding his death.'
In ritual, Death crow can assist us with shifting past situations that refuse to resolve or seek to hinder us moving forward with our lives.

The Goddess Badb also strengthens our resolve and fierceness in times of struggle, when working with her in ritual.


Sprinkle around the home and vacume it up, or use as a boundary powder on altars, doorways, windowsills and other liminal spaces. Can be given in offering to nature (is completely natural and biodegradable.)

Potion bottle & raven charm included.


All my own work recipe and design all rights reserved
Copyright in place theft will not be tolerated
Skull not included

★ Temple of the Death Crow Badb ★ Barrier Powder

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