"That Witch... Exudes Glamour" - Anointing Spell Oil

New to Starry Eyed Supplies is the highly anticipated Anointing Perfumed Spell Oil! Available in an Amber vial with metal rollerball dispersal, each anointing oil is created for magical use with essential oils and a base carrier oil. No ick, no synthetics, all natural and beautiful scented.

Not intended as a cosmetic perfume but should not irritate skin. Anoint your magical tools and jewellery with this gorgeous Spell oil!


★ Glamour, Luxurious self worth, Charm & Persuasion, Power,
Sensuality in Self assurance ★

★Scent - AWhat does a Virgo witch think her signature scent should be? Coffees, vanillas, toffees with a smidge of musk and spice.★


'That Witch... Exudes Glamour' is designed around the energy of Glamour, to attract luxurious self worth, success, glamour (in both style and working an image magick) to put you in a power mindset and embolden you’re charm and persuasion.


So that you can take a bombshell attitude of “I absolutely can, watch me.” Not to gloat over anyone but to step completely and utterly into your own unique power, shining a light on the unique individual that you are. 

Glamour magick is often maligned or misunderstood, but it is a form of shape shifting and can be incredibly powerful, changing our emotional state and our vibration just by switching part of our aesthetic. It weaves colour magick, mask magick, and personal power into a fantastic spell of empowerment!


The Glamour Witch is a part of me really because I designed this set around what I personally find rich, luxurious, vibrant and sensual. It's VIRGO SEXY. 


All my own work recipe and design all rights reserved


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