The Ash Priestess Spell Set has been created to combine the energies of the Ogham Nion or Ash and the priestess of this magnificent tree.

The over-arching theme is "the connection of all things" the energy that flows throughout the universe and time that creates a deep spiritual and magickal connection between all living things.
The spell set has been imbued with magickal energies for magick, manifestation, connecting with divinity, seeking your own path, connection to all cycles of life, and the connective force that flows between people, divinity and spirits of the land.

This spell set can be used to help one overcome hurts from the past including past lives which are causing a blockage in the present, as well as healing disconnection to others and your own life. Ash can help us reconnect to our own life purpose and nudge us back into community, and remind us to believe in ourselves.


The Ash Priestess speaks to us, telling us that "Remember that you are the Key. You are connected to everything that is, everything that was and all that shall be. There is nothing that you cannot do, no challenge you cannot overcome. If you would just believe, you would see that you are Magick given form."


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The Ash Nion Priestess Spell set