The Blackthorn Straif Priestess Spell salt

"The Blackthorn Priestess" Spell Salt combines the energies of the Ogham Blackthorn - Straif and the energies of the Priestess.
The Blackthorn Priestess resides at the boundaries of space and magick, both warrior protector and stoic guardian.

The energy of Blackthorn Straif contains the Lesson of the Blackthorn tree; that all magick can be used to harm or protect, it is the will of the bearer that determines the outcome. It also represents the warrior will that will not surrender to the tests and trials of our lifetime.

The overall theme is for the energies contained within are to detoxify your life of harmful influences; to break any negative magick or hex sent at you, to remove negative people and unwanted influences from your life, to set up boundaries between you and those that would cause you harm and to generally say "I won't allow that" on a vibrational level. The borders of psychic protection that can be created with Straif energy are unwavering and impenetrable
It can also be used in war like energies in an aggressive fashion to attack foes because of its weapon (thorn) nature and can be used to celebrate War Gods and Goddesses.

The Blackthorn Priestess speaks; "I am the edge of a spear, the thorn in the night, nothing can pass across my borders without my express permission. I am a dutiful ally but a vicious foe. Tread with care and speak always... with respect."


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