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★ Goddess Morrigan on the Battlefield, Spells of righteous fury, Justice, Wrath, Victory in legal battles and battles where dishonourable conduct is threatening your life, Banishing, Commanding ★


For I am the Death Crow
Pale in the Shadows
For I am the Bloody Death
That awaits on the battlefield
Whistling..." - Harken, Songs of Shades Vol.3 ©



It is imbued with energies of the Celtic Goddess Morrigan and her war like self and epitomizes the idea of crows being present on the battlefield.
You stand in the pale dirt, battle worn and weary, your armour heavy and your spirit diminished. The war has been long, and tiring, and you are surrounded on all sides by pain and suffering.
Every muscle aches, and your head swims, you do not want to give up, and so you call out to The Morrigan...
Who answers with the rallying cry of Crow;

"Now is not the time to die, for I should know, I guard you death.
Fight on, and Live..."

Crow of War is for all kinds of war, victory, personal success, success in battles of all kinds such as legal battles where manipulation is getting in the way of justice, battling ones inner demons, for the spiritual warrior to aid them driving out all negative, harmful and evil energies or entities. Helps you in battles where righteous anger is on your side.


As She wills it.

The Morrigan put this into a dream & so it has been created.


This Spell kit contains:

★ Crow skull - hand painted to become spirit housing. Unique design for each.

★ Two Wildcrafted Crow feathers

★ The Best protective spell oil around - Blade over shield.

★A pair of loaded spell candles - Morrigan Phantom Queen.


NOTE - Loaded Spell candles MUST be burned in a safe heat proof container and NEVER left unattended. 
Due to the herbs on the outside they can burn quite vigorously as they release their spell - I recommend putting them in a Cauldron. 

All my own work recipe and design all rights reserved ©


10cm soy wax candles with dried herbs
Burn for approx 30-50 mins


Base carrier Oil - Olive 

Best before - 1 year shelf life
Created with dried botanicals

Glass bottle container 50ml


Not for cosmetic use

Blade over Shield ★ The Morrigan ★ Protection Spell Oil



The Crow of War ★ The Morrigan ★ Spell Kit

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