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★ Elder Mother, Witch Spirits, Connecting to and communion with these spirits in nature, recovering a sense of self, resetting personal boundaries and clearing away problematic energies or negative spirits. ★


The Elder Mother - magical soy spell votive candle


“Old Woman, give me some of thy wood and I will give thee some of mine when I grow into a tree.” - English & Danish Folklore


A beautiful soy spell candle with a hand blended mint green colour, scented and bedecked with Elderflower.


When creating this energy I knew I had to, but not who for/why. Then a spirit said “The Elder Dame.”

I realised this was the same as the Elder Mother, a complex spirit from folklore who protects Her tree and forest spaces.

Elder is also associated with witches all over the British isles, with similar folklore stories about the penance for crossing an Elder spirit. Respect and balance are very important to this spirit.

I had created this beautiful scent for witches who need to recover their sense of self, cleanse out problematic energies, and reset their boundaries.

It amplifies magic work of all kinds and reminds you that you are in fact, that Witch!

The Elder Mother ★ Spell Votive Candle

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