The Forgotten Dead Ancestor Pendants are an extremely limited hand made item to help you connect to your ancestors ... and even better, they come with a discount code!!! Receive a 10% discount on a past life reading available between September 1st and Samhain!!!


Handmade pendants made by this witch, with pressed forget-me-nots folded against images which represent certain archetypes within ancestral work and then imbued on the mini ancestor spell plate you see them featured on, which includes a skull from the Cathedral of bones, a skeleton key, graveyard dirt and a crossroad graveyard stone to infuse the realm of spirit into the pendant.


Forget me nots represent the beauty of remembrance, of connection, of drawing forth memories that we have experienced, and in sacred space, connecting to memories that we have not lived but may receive from our ancestors.


Perfect to help you connect with forgotten or lost ancestors, ancestors you did not personally know, or as an offering to those you did.


The MATRIARCH - All family lines have a Matriarch, whether you knew her in life or only in spirit, these are the women that steeled themselves against trial and tribulation, epitomize strength and resilence, and often kept order in a chaotic world. Connecting to their energy is sure to be an experience in communing with a no-nonsense attitude and an archetype for accountability, determination, and success.


All my own work recipe and design all rights reserved

Necklace included on request

The Forgotten Dead Ancestor Pendants - The Matriarch