The Full Moon Spell Votives have been updated so that going forward they will changed slightly to reflect the energies present at each particular Full Moon and the particular energies it brings to magickal workings.

The underlying energies of the votives remain the same and reflect the energies of Full Moon Lunar magick, personal manifestation and connection to the Divine Feminine but each month the Full Moon votives will be adjusted to reflect an energy of that particular Moon or Esbat.

The energies of this Full Moon votive reflect this; the spell energy is to help you live to your highest truth, to know who you are and celebrate that uniqueness. To help you balance your shadowself and cleanse away any damaging emotional residue.
It can help you to change in a methodical practical manner, to help you see what really needs changing and what should be embraced.

Created under the Full Moon in full witchyness, these make the perfect votive to honour any Lunar God or Goddess as well as being a powerful aid in manifestation magick.

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Burn carefully - contains herbs

The Full Moon - Lunar Spell Votive