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★ Protection Charm


The Morrigan Eye Amulet is my personal take on a traditional Witches Cross or Gods eye amulet, but changed to embody the energies of my matron Goddess, The Celtic Goddess Morrigan.

The Charm combines Wildcrafted Willow Staves to embody the Water element, particularly of The Morrigan in Her guise of Washer at the Ford. In this guise She knows the future and can predict if harm is about to befall a person.

The thread is black instead of red, to absorb all negative energies and reflect them away from the space being protected. It has also been imbued with Obsidian for an extra layer of fiery protection; it will not allow any negative energy through its boundary when incorporated into barrier protection spell work.


The updated version contains an obsidian and a carnelian for extra protection. 


I really enjoy making the Morrigan eyes it’s therapeutic and you just weave into sacred space channeling and boom! Created magical item with all the power of priestess protection behind it.


All my own work recipe and design all rights reserved

The Morrigan's Crow Eye ★ Protection ★ Witch Charm

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