The Witches Garden Spell Cauldron is a thoroughly Witchy Spell Cauldron that will help you to "tend your own garden."


This beautiful Spell cauldron draws on the energies of one of the most magickal times in a Witches year, that speaks to the soul of many a witch. Why exactly might be difficult to explain, but in the celebration of all things spooky and mystical, and the honouring of the ancestors who walked before us, many of us tap into our special kind of empowerment.


The Witches Garden is a reference to this, to tending your own spiritual garden so that you might bloom, and draws on the aesthetic of the Witches garden where the weird and the wonderful thrive!

The energies contained within are for personal enlightenment, spiritual growth, divination, protection whilst looking inward, inner reflection and connecting your higher self and purpose.


Perfect for Samhain and one of my all time favourites!

***Remakes may vary slightly***

All my own work recipe and design all rights reserved

The Witches Garden Spell Cauldron - Empowerment at Halloween