"The Witches Hearth" Herbal blend came about as part of a meditation of an Earthy Witch at her Hearth, fire blazing, cauldron bubbling and herbs being dried in the rafters and added to her magick brew whilst the Witch works the deep Magicks.
It is imbued with energies for Divination particularly at the Fireside, Protection for the home, Wealth, Health and good Fortune.

This herbal blend can help connect you to your inner sense of Witchiness as well as building a relationship with the Element of Earth and the Spirit of Nature.
It has a wonderful energy of Deep Earth Magick and is especially grounding and protective over where you live.


The blend is a unique recipe of flowers, herbs and resins that can be burned as an incense on a charcoal disc or used in all forms of herbal magick,


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"The Witches Hearth" Herbal blend