★"To Reign in Fire and Blood" Goddess Morrigan Spell Oil★

★Survive, Conquer, Heal, Victory, Empower★

"To Reign in Fire and Blood" Goddess Morrigan Spell Oil is designed to honour the relationship between the Celtic Goddess Morrigan and the many ways in which Blood enters her mythos.

In the 12th Century text Bruidean Da Chocae the downfall of Cormac Connlongas is documented; on route to Ulster for his coronation he encounters the Badb in the form of a "Red Woman" washing gore and blood from his chariot in the river, with prophecies of doom. Prophecy and blood, is also a factor when Badb stabs Cuchulainn with a hearth spit, and once blood touches him his Geis to never eat Dog meat is broken, as the Morrigan had earlier prophesized.

In the First battle of Mag Tuired Morrigan conjures magical mist and showers of Blood and Fire down onto the warriors of the Fir Bolg to ensure victory both for the tuatha De Danann and for herself in joining with them.

"To Reign in Fire and Blood" Goddess Morrigan Spell Oil is primarily concerned with sense of self, personal Sovereignty and a form of deep cathartic healing.
Baidbi Beldergi means "Red mouthed War Goddess" identifying the Goddess Badb directly with blood.

The connection of blood to sovereignty "to reign", is found within one of Goddess Morrigans 'birthrights,' which is to dictate when a ruler was worthy or not of being Sovereign over their lands; for it was believed by the Celts that the land directly reflected the physical, emotional, and mental well-being of its ruler.
The blood flowing through the veins of a 'healthy and whole' vessel therefore correlates directly to the lifeblood flowing through the Earth.
If the Goddess Morrigan felt that the ruler was poisoning the land, they would be removed, thus healing it.


The energy of "To Reign in Fire and Blood" Goddess Morrigan Spell Oil reflects this healing element, amongst the notion of wound cleansing and cauterising on the battlefield. Worthy warriors would shed and take blood on the battlefield, and their honour and prestige would grow from battle, but could only be enjoyed if they survived the battle.


"To Reign in Fire and Blood" Goddess Morrigan Spell Oil embodies ones personal responsibility to heal ones self, to conquer ones self, to assert sovereignty and personal power.


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"To Reign in Fire and Blood" Goddess Morrigan Spell Oil