★ Valkyries, Protection, Primal, Power, Prophecy, Battle Frenzy, Death★

The Valkyrie Battlefield Protection salt was created within the Valkyrie spell energy to represent the blood and ash of the battlefield; mixing war elements from the Valkyrie energy with a protective grounding element of Earth magick, even when in the most severe of situations.

The Valkyrie spell salts channel a protective shield energy, for in Nordic battle, none are so ferocious as the Valkyrie, and having their favour is a substantial boon to any warrior.
In modern magickal terms this can be chanelled into magickal defence. 

It can also be used when channeling the Valkyries for prophetic work.


"Singing to the lost
That is the thing
I am not a shining beacon

I do not guide
Thudding of blackened wings foretelling Death
Blood weaving entrails
Blood soaked prophetic weaving,
What entails within those entrails?
A savage lust,
You would demote us, sanitize us,
Saw down our vicious edges,

Battle stance to nothing - a lovers grip?
We are Befallen
We are Fate and Death
We are the bone jaw snapping closed
A heavy gurgle of mans last utterance
Nothing so fragile
Wingless you would make us
Break us
Torment us
We are Befallen
We are Fate and Death." - Channeled from the Valkyries


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Valkyrie Battlefield Protection salt