The Venus bathing Salts are designed around the concept of the "Venus bath;" the artistic representation of Venus (the Roman incarnation of Aphrodite) commonly being naked and present in either the Ocean or a bath; naked and bathing. This alludes to her freedom of sensuality and beauty and operating outside of social conformity.

Bathe deep within water including these bath salts to surround yourself with the energies of Aphrodite.

Venus Bathing Salts - Goddess Aphrodite has been created to honour the Greek Goddess Aphrodite who rules over the many aspects of Love and Beauty.

Originally The Temple of Goddess Aphrodite was a request, and a difficult one at that, for the mythology surrounding the Goddess Aphrodite is not always kind to Her, not only does she have complete contempt for her husband Hephaestus due to his "ugliness" but she regularly has affairs and children with others. Added to this her seemingly jealous and vindicative actions against Psyche and initially, it can be difficult to connect with this Goddess in a modern way.

Building an energy matrix and mutual understanding for this Goddess, we have to accept that the mythos surrounding Aphrodite is likely bias due to the patriarchal society that recorded them, especially given that Aphrodite embodies the realms of love and sexuality. We must also accept that Love can be vicious, destructive and jealous in balance to the healing connective power of love in its positive form. A Goddess of Love must embody all elements of these energies to better represent a truth within emotional and spiritual states.
Self love and self empowerment are key themes to The Temple of Goddess Aphrodite, helping you to break down social norms and accept yourself for who you are. Aphrodite is often depicted naked throwing convention to the wind, which is also true within her sexuality. She disregards expectation and limitation and chases what so ever (and whom ever) she desires. She calls to us to examine our truest deepest desires and to act on them. It is also possible to heal yourself emotionally deep within the oceanic waves from which Aphrodite was birthed.
Aphrodites temple resonates pure beauty and aesthetically sensual, celebrating love and nakedness, sensuality and sexuality and helping teach one to love ones nakedness, not only in physique but in soul, emotion and mind.


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Contains Shells

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Venus Bathing Salts - Goddess Aphrodite