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The Waning Moon Spell Votive has been created within the Waning Lunar Moon phase, and been created to reflect this beautiful lunar energy which is so often overlooked in favour of the Full and New Moon phases.
The wax has been hand blended to reflect a "Dark Moonlight" grey - representing the inbetween nature of this moon phase as well as being about "growing darker."

The waxing Moon is a time of introspection, decreasing and banishing the negative vibrations from our lives and the votive has been imbued with energies of Banishing, decreasing negative energies, removal of the unwanted as well as Crone energy that plays into personal introspection via divination and soul searching.

They are very much spell votives of "know yourself," they are bursting with the shimmery energy of empowerment all that could be within the limitless realm of the spirit - all you need is the ability to see that potential and the will to manifest it into your reality. These spell votives will make a wonderful addition to any magickal workings for banishing all that hinders your life whilst searching for personal reflection in order to grow.

Please note: Do not leave burning candles unattended

Burn with care!

Place on a heatproof dish

All my own work recipe and design all rights reserved ©

Soy Votive candle

Burn time approx 5-6 hours

Remove flower before burning to be safe


Waning Moon - Lunar Spell Votive

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