Warrior of Trees Herbal Blend

The Warrior of Trees Herbal Blend is a new herbal blend for the store which combines warrior energies with the Ogham - the language and magick of trees.

The herbal blend is imbued with energies of; The Goddess Morrigan, the warrior, honour, victory, strength.
It can be used in spellwork pertaining to victory in all battles be they personal inner ones or outward ones, success of all kinds, restoring passion and honour, removing obstacles from your life, justice spells, righteous fury and wrath, all forms of protection magick and honouring the magick of your blood - be it in ancestory work or protection for loved ones. It honours the connection of your life blood to the divine and in honouring all warrior Gods and Goddesses.

Can be burnt as a loose incense on a charcoal disc, in sachets of all magick especially protection to be hung around the home, around candle bases in spellwork, in offering to deity as well as all forms of herbal magick.
Do not ingest.

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