The Spell pendants are a new product at Starryeyedsupplies that capture the energy of each particular Spell and the relationship between that and its Owner.
The bottles are glass and contain an energy matrix of crystals and herbs that weaves the story of each Spell, bringing their magick into your life.
Each ribbon is chosen on the basis of colour magick to add a little extra magick and each pendant comes with a Celtic Triquetta charm to symbolise the cycles of Life, Death and Rebirth.

Wear as part of your ritual jewelery, use as a spell item of magical focus within spell work or to connect with the Ogham energy in medition.

The Warrior of Trees Spell pendant is a now available as a singular item, the votive combines warrior energies with the Ogham - the language and magick of trees.

The Pendant is imbued with energies of; The Goddess Morrigan; particularly in her guise of Macha; the warrior, honour, victory, strength.
It can be used in spellwork pertaining to victory in all battles be they personal inner ones or outward ones, success of all kinds, restoring passion and honour, removing obstacles from your life, justice spells, righteous fury and wrath, all forms of protection magick and honouring the magick of your blood - be it in ancestory work or protection for loved ones. It honours the connection of your life blood to the divine and in honouring all warrior Gods and Goddesses.

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Remakes may vary slightly

Warrior of Trees Spell Pendant