New for Samhain the "Widow's Kiss" Spell Votive!

The "Widow's Kiss" Spell Votive combines essential oils and Spider totem magick to create a spooky Spell candle with seriously scintillating sorcery weaved into its' web!

The magick of "Widow's Kiss" Spell Votive focuses on the fruits of our labours, something that Witches take stock of at Samhain and give thanks and gratitude for, as well as planning and divining the future.
Weave your magickal web over the mysteries of the past and future with "Widow's Kiss" Spell Votive; Spider asks us not only to work hard in order to build our futures, but to take pride in our glorious achievements. The Widow energy goes after what she desires without hesitation and sinks her fangs into whatever project takes her fancy... and so can you!

Use "Widow's Kiss" Spell Votive for spells and rituals of personal development, new beginnings, connecting to Goddesses such as Arachne, and for seeing projects to completion!

All my own work recipe and design all rights reserved

"Widow's Kiss" Spider Halloween Spell Votive