Winter Crone - Goddess Spell Votive

The Winter Crone Spell votive was imbued on the Winter Full Moon for the energies of the Winter Crone aspect of the Goddess. The candle has been imbued with magick to help you to give up the hurts, pains, vices, bad habits, negative emotions and self behaviours, and offering them up to the Winter Crone. To bring these negative things to end, to put death to them, to stop them being allowed to damage your life and freeze them in the tracks.
Also has a snow and ice healing energy to the spell cauldron, a sense of peace that can be attained from cleansing out the negative emotions that have been poisoning you.

"Oh Crone of Snow
Oh Crone of Ice
Take the hurts
Take the vice
Melt them down
Begin anew
Death to what was
Once I knew
Take Cold to that
That holds me tight
As the snow melts
Set it to right."

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