Winter Crown of Trees Winter Solstice Herbal blend

This beautiful herbal blend combines the magick of Ogham with Winter seasonal energies of the Crone Goddess or Sage God
It blends the energies of tree magick and wisdom with Winter energy, of stillness and serenity of Winter, peacefulness, celebrated the inward journey that we all take in the Winter months, spiritual journeying and honouring ones personal sovereignty, allowing one to honour and accept yourself without egotism.
It can assist in Rebirth magick, usuhering in a new phase of life and purification for rebirth.
It also resonates with the introspection and divination that flourishes in the Dark half of the year and can be used for Protection magick.

The blend welcomes the growing power of the Crone and sings of Winter, as the trees are crowned with snow. The trees show their sovereignty and regality that show their bare raw strength during the winter months, they are completely bare showing us not only their incredible endurability but their power, strength and stark beauty and can teach us this lesson through this beautiful herbal blend.

Perfect for decorational use or within poppets, to honour Crone energies and for honouring Crone Goddesses and Sage Gods
Not for consumption.

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