New to Starry Eyed Supplies is the highly anticipated Anointing Perfumed Spell Oil!

Available in an Amber vial with metal rollerball dispersal, each annointing oil is created for magical use with essential oils and a base carrier oil. No ick, no synthetics, all natural and beautiful scented.

Not intended as a cosmetic perfume but should not irritate skin. Anoint your magical tools and jewellery with this gorgeous Spell oil!


★★Avalon by Winter, A vibration to cleanse and calm your sacred space, finding inner calm and resolve, remembering you are alive and connecting with the spiritual ecosystem, finding comfort within your psyche so that you can touch base with your dreams and realign your energy with your goals ★★


★Scent - Winter heart of Avalon is a delicious scent that captures a love of all things wintry - a sage vanilla heart with creamy layers and a delicate mint bite that just sweeps your breath away!


Connecting with Avalon at winter time, the Priestess shivers deliciously as she walks the many
paths of Avalon.

She breathes in the deep clean air & is reminded how alive she feels amongst the starkness of nature at this time. The bare limbs of most of the trees stretch out into the sky, bowing their heads at the strong gusts of Northern wind. The chill of winter winds uses its energy to clear out the body and the aura alike.

"Come, to the starkness of the Winter Circle, 
Where snow flurries kiss the Earth, 
Cold in their affirmation, 
The Lake rolls with the Northern Wind, 

Soaking the shore, 
Come once again to Avalon, 
In the long nights of dreaming,
Let us remake ourselves 
In the glow of the Winter Sun."

- Priestess of Avalon in meditation


The Starry Aura Spell Spritz spray - Winter Heart of Avalon seeks to capture the essence of magick within Winter, something that can be easily overlooked when compared to other seasons. 
It's stark beauty and stillness can remind us with aligning with the art of simplicity in our own lives, taking stock of the journey so far, pausing when needed to rest, and recover.
From a place of tranquility we can extend gratitude for what has been (even the parts we did not like much,) as we put those energies to rest. 

Then we can begin the process of dreaming - really, truly, dreaming. 
A magical act born of wishing, hoping, and beginning to act and manifest those things we truly deeply desire and need for our happiness. 


Starry Aura Spell Spritz spray - Winter Heart of Avalon lends its magic to this process, to calm and centre the mind, and energies around you, so that you might rest, and revitalise yourself. 

★ English Clary Sage clears the psychic senses of debris, so our vision is clear and we can take stock of what was, and what could be. It is ideal for divination work of all kinds, as well as calming the spirit (and the spaces outside of us,) so we can perceive what a situation truly is, and what needs to be done. Uplifting and harmonious, its' energies are pure magick. 

★ Vanilla is often used in love magick, and here the emphasis is very much on self-love. Its' calming and rich aroma reminds you just how much you are worth (and refuses to let that negative self-talk get a word in edgewise. Absolutely not! Banished are ye, inner critic!) 


Dream a little dream you see, starlet... and believe that you can live it. 


All my own work recipe and design all rights reserved

Winter Heart of Avalon - Anointing Spell Oil