The Winter Wood Spell Votive has been created in the energies leading up to the Winter Solstice to symbolise the relationship of the Witch and the Woods; showing the relationship of the Witch to the trees and her natural bond to Earth.
The Woods Witch knows the secrets of plants, the language of trees, and the dance of the ever shifting cycles of Nature. She shapeshifts and runs with the animals.
This particular cauldron shows the relationship between the Witch of the Woods and Winter, for she knows not only how to survive the great snows but how to thrive in them.
She is wise in the knowledge that the forest is quiet but not dead, and magick still abounds in this sacred space.

The energy matrix contained within this spell Votive is for the magicks of Cleansing, purification, the silence, stillness and taking joy in being restful.

There is a deep reverence for primal Earth energy within this spell cauldron, to connect us to the wonder of the world around us, and remind us what it is to truly be a Witch.
The cauldron represents a physical representation of how I see the magick of the Woods Witch, drenched in an otherness and Old World magick.

Contains herbs Burn with care

My own design, all rights reserved.

Winter Wood - Forest Spell Votive