Trick or Treat!

These fun little Halloween spell cauldrons have been designed to bring fun into the witchy new year.  Each cauldron contains a hidden spell of herbs designed to embody the energies of the witches new year.  The top of the cauldron resembles the festive Witchy.

Imbued for new beginnings, drawing blessings into your life, boosting your magick and personal power, increasing your confidence and sense of self and to banish that which no longer serves within your life.

Times a ticking
The crickets cricking
Frogs are croaking
I'm not joking
Hubble bubble and all that jazz
Eye of frog and extra pizzazz
Get your Witch o Cauldron here
There's one in stock so never fear!


My own design, all rights reserved.

Recreations may vary slightly.

Please note: The Cauldron's outer container is metal and it will get very hot when you burn them. Please take care to place the cauldron on a suitable surface before burning.

Witch O Cauldron - Halloween Spell Cauldron


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