★ Witches brew - Samhain cauldron★


★ Samhain, Sexual union between life and death, honouring the Witches new Year, self empowerment, boosting spell work, the sacred mysteries ★


Ah, the promised second wave of Samhain themed goodies begins with a sneak peek at this gorgeous big bottomed gal - another 300g beauty!


She’s scented with Tonka & Tobacco flower because it’s my new favourite scent, and has wildcrafted lavender, Rowan berries, mugwort, and then some of the mini pumpkins.

Not enough to cause a fire hazard (some of the candle making in the world has given me anxiety of late.)

A very witchy creamy white soy candle to celebrate the ritual aspects of Samhain.


The tobacco flower is used as a substitute for nightshades, and as such is associated with the other world, evocative spell craft & the deep mysteries.
Tonka is used in spells of love and sex magick and let’s be real… it’s super smexy.

These beauties will also be limited edition, with only a few available.

★ Witches brew - Samhain cauldron★