Wrath of Crone is an updated version of the Dark Crone blasting powder previously on store.
The name and recipe has been updated for modern times, including new ingredients with bite that I did not used to have access to.

The packaging is also resealable and avoids breakages by no longer being in the small corked bottles, and you get twice as much powder.


"Wrath of Crone" Cursing Blasting Powder is a spell powder with bite.

It is to be used in the most terrible moments when only fury will do, when a situation *must* die off, when all else has failed.
It is for the righteous wrath of the Morrigan, the scream of the Furies, the justice of the Dark Goddess.
It can be used to absorb anothers evil doing, their hex or curse work, and return it to them tenfold.
Or it can be used in your own aggressive magick.
The powder is a sword, how you wield it, is up to you.


All my own work recipe and design all rights reserved


"Wrath of Crone" Cursing Blasting Powder