Yggdrasil ★ Axis Mundi ★ Essence of Tree spirits


The tree at the centre of the universe - the connecting point between worlds, the most sacred place.

This is one of those universal myths, found all across the world, in different cultures & across time periods.

To ground deeply into the Earth, to commune with the spirit of all trees; to connect to all that roots.


"An Ash I know there stands,

Yggdrasil is its name

a tall tree, showered,

with shining loam.

From there come the dews

That drop in the valleys.

It stands forever green

Over Uror's well." - Poetic Edda Völuspá


This beautiful powder is created from and infused with the essence of Tree Spirits.
To assist you in connecting to their great web, their song, the design of their ecosystem.
Yggdrasil is the most well-known name - as the tree that connects the nine realms in Nordic mythology - but it is by no means the only one.

The sacred Bile tree was always found at the centre point of the sacred Groves of the Celtic people, and it was thought the five sacred trees of Ireland marked the five points of Ireland (and were interconnected on a spiritual level.) 


Call this energy into your life to help you work with tree spirits, to help you deeply ground if you're having difficulties, to heal you in soul and body, to connect to the spiritual ecosystem or for protection whilst meditating or travelling in the astral realms. Ideal if you're learning to commune with nature spirits or for Ogham readings.


★★★ How to use ★★★

★ Put in a dish under your bed or near the space in which you're meditating. Call in the protection of trees.

★ Hold in your hands and seek to connect to the Spirits.

★ Use as an offering on Ancestral altars.

★ Can be gifted to the surrounding land spirits as all ingredients are natural and biodegradable, or buried in offering.

★ Use in grounding spells and protection

★ Use to symbolize  Trees or the Earth.

★ Add to a pouch before beginning divination work - especially with the Ogham



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★ Yggdrasil ★ Axis Mundi ★ Essence of Tree spirits ★ Spell Powder