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Hey there, Starlets!

My name is Joey, and I am a Celtic Creatrix and UK based daughter of The Morrigan. I work very closely with tree magick and spend much of my time communing and foraging within the spiritual ecosystem. This connection allows me to practise voice witchery and conduit for the Otherworld. 

"Wild. Ancient. Carefree. 
Who were we as witches before we learnt what the world told us to be?"
- Joey Morris

To become a tempered blade of The Morrigan, one must be baptized in blood and fire. These struggles within my lifetime have led me to become a voice for the voiceless, to reach out to the broken, and to poke the shadows in others so that they might begin to heal. 

"Such a path is dangerous.
But so are we.

This is the birth of a wild witch who sees with their 'Other eyes' and treads the path of edges, sharp and unsual, but filled with adventure, magick of the liminal and the in-between spaces."
- Joey Morris

Within the spiritual landscape my soul mission is to deepen the understanding of our interconnectedness by both honouring the sacred and exploring the masks of the self through channeling relationships to the Divine through products and services.

I hope to connect with you soon!

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