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Sweet Queen

Image sabrina nielsen photography

Sweet Queen, I know it feels as though your lungs are heavy And your heart is full of stones I know That the weightlessness of tear spun lakes Is the only home you’ve known I know you could spin a thousand veils From the pain that you’ve outgrown On your own I know The shimmer is a glimmer of the armour that you forge To be defenceless is a treasure You rarely could afford And it feels as though your Corvus wings Are tethered to a board In harbour moored A gleaming sword Planted in your outstretched hand as though a battle cry At last you whisper hope That it’s your turn to fly But crimson tears and death rattle fears scream a thousand whys As the instrument Is ripped from grasp For the glory That isn’t yours I know Sweet Queen That you’re lying in the pause Wondering if drowning is the only recourse And all the gasping sobs have left your throat hoarse And only with great force Can you even hope to stand I know That as your lips submerge The world turns upside down Breathe out and live Sweet Queen Live If only For yourself.

- Joey Morris 2019

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