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★ Attraction magick, Pleasure, attracting Love in all forms be it Romantic or Platonic, Uplifting, harmony in the home, Clearing out stagnation in the home, creating sacred space, Bringing Loving energy into the Home, Peace work, Soothing arguments ★


Attraction Hearth powder in glass potion vial and rose charm on sustainable hemp thread


"Honour us spirits of the Hearth,

Bring warmth and healing to our hearts,

Help us to make this space a home,

A place of safety to return from whence we roam.”


Rounding off the Hearth magick is an attraction powder with a brown sugar base, a little salt scented with rose essential oil & an assortment of beautiful herbs.

The spell powder is beautiful and uplifting, designed to attract the sweetness in life - all forms of love, whether it be romantic or finding new friendships.


It can be used in spells to cleanse & harmonise the home, balancing scattered energy & clearing out negativity or stagnation causing disharmony in your space.


Perfect to create boundary lines in your home or add to honey for spirit offerings to ask for house spirit help in harmonising and protecting your space.


★ Rose in Witchcraft - Rose is often associated with Love spells and has a long rich history of folklore behind it. This belief in its power of Love and Romance magick means the energy of Rose is a catalyst in the spiritual realms for Love, and can be the oomph needed in any and all Love works.


All my own work recipe and design all rights reserved

Attraction Witch Spell powder ★ Spirits of the Hearth ★

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