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Avalon by Sunset ★ Liminal Otherness ★ Spell Votive Candle


This absolutely stunning (and not at all cake) spell votive candle is a half and half soy beauty scented with orange essential oil.


★ Fierce Self Love and Acceptance, Embodying your Otherness, the Liminal Spaces, Empowering,  Healing from Endings, Hope for the future, Helping you to move forward through transitions, assists with Spiritual grieving, Helps to let go of the past, Healing and balancing the sadness of Loss with the vibrancy of potential futures, Personal Alchemy★


Avalon by Sunset is a dance in the fading light, embodying the liminal with night blooming scents. It captures a sense of otherness, of releasing and letting go of old hurts, and embracing a sense of hopefulness for the future.

Sunset and dusk are my times of power as a witch - I adore them like no other - and this particular spell range embodies that power with all the fizz at my disposal.

Remember to love yourself, honour yourself and believe in yourself fiercely. You were made for this!


The Priestess of Avalon lifts her arms in celebration as the sun begins to set and the sky is bursting with colour and radiance.
The last rays of light from the day represent the endings in all our lives, the beauty with a hint of sadness.

She dances amongst the deep purples and pinks, her cheeks rosy and full of life, brimming with the experiences of the day. She carries all the memories like whispers on the wind.


"It will be okay.
The heaviness now is a reminder of your open heart, that feels all with such intensity and vibrancy that loss feels overwhelming. 
You are not alone, we, the Priestesses, stand here with you." - Priestess of Avalon by Sunset channeled through meditation


The Avalon energies always bring healing into our lives, and for me, Sunset is one of the most connective liminal spaces there is, perfect for letting go of negativity and breathing in calm and peaceful reflective energy instead.


The Avalon range channels my personal connection to this energetic nexus... and always carries with it a vibration of personal healing.

Avalon by Sunset is the magick of endings, balancing the sadness of loss with the vibrancy of possible futures. Holding your arms wide open in a process of giving and receiving.

Sometimes we can become easily blocked and fearful of the goodbyes, the never mores, the end of certain dreams. It can hurt, and slip into the dreaming state of night so easily.

Sunset is the guardian of the dark womb space - it draws a tendril of light from days end to feed into the emptiness of the cauldron space, to bring informed possibilities into being.

Memory keeping is the key role of this priestess, helping us to carry the what was through the beyond, so it becomes less burdensome.


Perfect for rituals and spells of change, transition, transformation, healing from loss and emotional heaviness, seeking joy in transition and letting go.


Burn with care! Place on a heatproof dish


All my own work recipe and design all rights reserved ©


Soy Votive candle
Burn time approx 5-6 hours

Avalon by Sunset ★ Liminal Otherness ★ Spell Votive Candle

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