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New to Starry Eyed Supplies is the exclusive Baba Yaga Forest Spirit Powder!


Exclusive to starryeyedsupplies in biodegradable pots (2 sizes available.)


★★ Honouring Baba Yaga, the Dark Wild energy within, Connecting to the Forest and its Spirits, Offerings, Abundance and Fertility, Earth rites ★★

This beautiful powder attracts nature Spirits especially Forest Spirits, and serves well as an offering for them also containing all natural and biodegradable ingredients.
The first time I created this it was in a thunderstorm with crows cawing and it felt incredibly witchy! 
The creation felt like a recipe from one of Baba Yaga's spiritual cook books, and hums with her energy.


The legends of Baba Yaga present her as a ferocious figure; a hideous hag of tremendous power, to be found deep in the Russian Forest, in a wooden hut atop chicken legs, surrounded by a fence of human bones.
Baba Yaga could help you or eat you for dinner, depending on her mood and how well you performed her tasks.

As always, Crone energies are fascinating as we unpick the binding that declares older powerful women hideous and dangerous, doubly so in the cases of Witches in the woods, with the ability to speak to and command the spirit realm.
Baba Yaga had unseen forces that would carry out her will, ability to control all of the elements and commanded the three horsemen: My Bright Dawn, my Red Sun and my Dark Midnight' because they control daybreak, sunrise, and nightfall.

In other myths, Baba Yaga is shown to have dominion over many different types of Spirits and animals, which elude to Her Goddess status, with the Earth rumbling and the Forest groaning to announce Her arrival.

Connection to the Forest Spirits or Genius Loci of your surrounding area can be an incredibly enriching experience and aid you with your magical practice, helping you to ground into the woods (even through meditation if you are far away,) and speak to the nature Spirits.
Place in an offering bowl and call forth the Spirits, inviting them to partake of your offering. Can be buried in the Earth without causing harm.


All my own work, recipe and design all rights reserved

Bowl not included

Baba Yaga ★ Granny Magick ★ Forest Spirit Powder

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