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★★ Honouring Baba Yaga, the Dark Wild energy within, Connecting to the Forest and its Spirits, Otherworld Journeys beyond Death, confronting the Shadow and Evolving your personal power, Banishing, Curse work, Protecting yourself from those who wish to harm you, Rebirth ★★


The Baba Yaga Spirit pendants have been created to represent one of Her fenceposts, topped with a red skull symbolising the little Babas to be found there. It's a little naughty but I love it!


The pendants have been created to assist you and provide spiritual protection whilst engaging in Spirit work.
Commune with and build a relationship with the Spirits and Baba Yaga herself with the assistance of these potent spell pendants!


All my own work recipe and design all rights reserved

Baba Yaga ★ Goddess of the Wood Witches ★ Spirit Pendant

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