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★ Attraction spells and ritual, Beauty, Feeling good in your skin again, Abundance and manifesting, Sweetening your home or situations around you, Bee archetype, Wealth ★ 


Firstly - and mostly importantly... You get the little bee on the lid.
I know. We needed it. Adorable!!!


Attraction powder in glass potion vial with bee and goddess charm on sustainable hemp thread


A beautifully finely milled attraction & sweetening spell powder containing sacred herbs for attraction rituals and sweetening spells, mixed with locally sourced honey.


Excuse me one moment because I’m obsessed with how this came out! It is super cute in design but so powerful in it's energetic matrix!


This Beltane get your paws on a unique attraction powder - containing locally sourced honey, sugar, and other herbs for attraction spells!


Be it love, abundance, sweetening your circumstances or seeking your own sovereignty - it’s all wrapped into the energetic spell matrix of this awesome powder!


You can also connect to the spirit of the Bee through this beautiful powder, which symbolizes new beginnings, hard work, team work, and wisdom. Because they all work as a collective, this adds potent magical energy to any spells sweetening the home (hive!) or team work situations.


It can also help remind you of your inner Queen energy (regardless of gender.)  Step into your Sovereignty and bring the sweet scent of success to your life - just remember to smell the flowers too!


How to use:

🐝In attraction and sweetening spells - such as in jar spells to constantly sweeten a situation

🐝Roll your beeswax candles in it to dress them for maximum magick!!!

🐝Add to a pouch with attraction herbs and crystals

🐝Make a heart on your altar with the powder and pop your spell in the middle... a lovely magical container!


All my own work recipe and design all rights reserved

Bee the Queen ★ Attraction ★ Spell powder ★ Beltane

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