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★ The Morrigan, Crow Spirit, Protection, Prophecy and Divination, Battle work, Removing negativity from your life, Baneful work ★


Black Crow water for The Morrigan.


Have you found yourself lately

Drowning in black waters?

Lungs carelessly discarded

My sons and my daughters...

I have not been silent

In my echoing

You have been bathing

In the pool of a crows eye


Asked to remember

The lightning in your spinal cord


With purpose.

- Joey Morris, Crow Speak Anthology for the Morrigan


Basic black water is spell ashes + dirt, but as this is for The Morrigan mines more intricate than that. It’s battlefield dirt for starters.


Black water is used in divination - which fits with the prophetic omen folklore of Crows perfectly.
Pour a few drops into clear water and see what shapes present themselves - the symbolism is thought to give glimpses into the future.

Crows are said to see past present and future all at once. Much like The Morrigan and her prophetic nature.

This potent spell water can be used to connect to the spirit of Crows, for prophecy, transformation or spirit work. 


Black Crow water can also be added to bolster spells of protection.


Black water is also used to forcefully remove negativity - useful in some of the more difficult times in your life, or to accompany removal spells of particular people or energies.
It can be used in baneful work as well when all other avenues have failed.


Uses of Black Crow Water include


★ Add drops to water for Divination

★Sprinkled around the perimeter of the home for protection
★Used to wash down an altar which is dedicated to The Morrigan
★Wash down a space before/after protective or cursing work
★Sprinkled around an enemies home or where they will walk to curse them
★Added to floor washes for protection
★Added to freezer spells for extra potency
★Used in uncrossing or unhexing work to destroy others spellwork


All my own work recipe and design all rights reserved

Black Crow Water ★ For the Morrigan

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