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★★★ Blade Over Shield - Morriganic Protection ★★★


★ Goddess Morrigan, Protection magick, Endurance, Warrior archetype, banishes ill-intention from others,  reinforces your auric shield, shields a location when worked into a space, destroys unwanted energies, energies of victory and overcoming all foes, creates barriers against malicious spells, energies or entities  ★


Spell Pendant to be carried or added to the altar.


Blade over shield is one of my original spell lines on the store - inspired by my relationship with The Morrigan.

★ It rose from channeling Her words:

“Blade over shield, shield over arm, arm over heart.” The meaning of which has evolved over time.

★ Many medical professionals rely on blade over shield in some of the most high stress environments. It works. I am fiercely proud of this spell line, and when a pendant was requested I was honoured to create it.

★ Harnessing 9 crystals - 3 obsidian and 6 garnet, and a collection of herbs imbued for protection & to honour An Morrigan it packs a protective punch.

★ I have also sang and cast its spell matrix into being for each herb, each crystal & dedicated it to The Morrigan.


My own work, recipe and design all rights reserved.

Blade over shield | An Morrigan Protection pendant

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